BENS Competitiveness Council Releases Primer for Businesses on Great Power Competition

China And Great Power Competition Primer Cover 800w

December 16, 2021

Nate Thompson
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WASHINGTON, DC—The Competitiveness Council of Business Executives for National Security (BENS) has published a primer outlining how business leaders can advance U.S. economic and security interests, while taking measures to bolster their own supply chains, shore-up investments, and safeguard their companies.   

China and the Great Power Competition: How to Secure Your Business and Our Nation is intended to help American executives ensure a level playing field as their companies compete internationally—and as the United States works to outpace China in the global contest for geopolitical influence and economic might. 

In today’s era of Great Power Competition, private enterprise is inextricably linked to national security and resiliency. Businesses have increasingly become the targets of cyber-attacks, ransomware schemes, IP theft, and unfair practices making it more difficult for American firms to compete. 

The Competitiveness Council is a BENS thought leadership initiative that considers the issues and challenges intersecting industry and the nation’s strategic rivalry with China. Upon request, Council leaders are available to discuss the primer and potential impacts to U.S. businesses of Great Power Competition:

  • Dr. Michael Capps is Chairman of the Competitiveness Council and CEO of Diveplane 
  • Dr. Anthony Vinci is Vice Chairman of the Competitiveness Council and Managing Director of Tracker Capital Management

China and the Great Power Competition: How to Secure Your Business and Our Nation is available to the public at  


Business Executives for National Security (BENS) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit comprised of business leaders throughout the nation who volunteer their time and expertise to help address the national security community’s most pressing challenges. For more information, please visit:

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