BENS Ethics Policy

BENS pursues a nonpartisan and impartial approach in fulfilling its mission of applying best business practices to help government leaders implement solutions to national security issues. Such nonpartisan impartiality is critical to maintaining and enhancing the value of BENS’ brand and our relationship with government partners. It is the policy of BENS that its members, directors, officers, staff, and other project participants should avoid ethical, legal, financial, or other conflicts of interest while performing volunteer work on BENS projects. Members should also endeavor to avoid, to the extent possible, even the appearance of such conflicts while engaging in volunteer work for BENS.

For this reason, a member should not participate in a BENS project, or must cease participation in a BENS project, if

    1. Because of other activities or relationships, the member cannot render nonpartisan, impartial advice to a government partner; or
    2. By participating, the member will be in a conflict of interest position between his business interests and those of BENS on any project.

All BENS members that interact with a government partner on a BENS project, engagement, trip, or other BENS-related activity should avoid soliciting or proposing work for themselves or their company with a government partner during the course of such BENS volunteer activity.

To report a potential conflict of interest or to consult when there is doubt as to whether a conflict of interest exists, please contact the Secretary of the BENS Board of Directors, Tom Cosentino at or 202-296-2125.  Mr. Cosentino will respond after reviewing and consulting with the Chair of BENS’ Governance Committee.

This policy is furnished to each BENS member and staff at time he or she joins BENS, and again at the onset of a major project, engagement, trip or other BENS related activity.

For a printable PDF of this policy, please click here.