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Event Recaps – September 24, 2023

BENS CEO, General Tim Ray, traveled to Atlanta to visit with the Southeast Region’s BENS members. Members shared their thoughts and insights on their experiences and engagements with BENS and General…


Event Recaps – September 18, 2023

BENS hosted a panel for the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) to discuss communication and cooperation between the private sector and federal law enforcement. In attendance were law…

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Event Recaps – September 11, 2023

BENS led a delegation to Coronado, California to meet with US Navy Special Warfare Command. Our group toured SEALs and Special Warfare Combat Crewmen (SWCC) training facilities, met with leadership…


Event Recaps – August 20, 2023

BENS Chicago hosted a panel discussion on National Security as a Corporate Priority. Chinese thievery of US trade secrets, Russian cyber-attacks, and N. Korean hacking – moderator, SAIC USSS Doug Zloto…

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Event Recaps – August 13, 2023

This week, a BENS delegation traveled to Michigan for a series of engagements with General Motors Defense in Detroit — as well as a visit to Exercise Northern Strike with…

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Event Recaps – August 6, 2023

BENS Washington, D.C. members visited The State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) and their unique Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) for briefings and discussion by their Executives.

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Event Recaps – July 30, 2023

BENS Washington, D.C. members and guests from USSOCOM’s Civilian Leader Development Program, the Command’s flagship executive training program for civilian leaders across the Special Operations community took the opportunity to…

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Event Recaps – July 02, 2023

General Votel and BENS WDC members participated in an important discussion with Ms. Jamie Kraut, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Middle East and Asia in the Office of Terrorist…


Event Recaps – June 18, 2023

BENS members met with the Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth. Secretary Wormuth discussed how the Army is supporting allies amidst a sustained Chinese threat in the Indo-Pacific theater, lessons learned…

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Event Recaps – June 11, 2023

Recently, a BENS delegation visited the ATF New York Field Division for a deep dive into that agency’s mission and capabilities. Highlights include briefings on ATF’s innovative (and highly collaborative)…