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Israel’s air force strikes deep inside Lebanon, killing 2 people, after Hezbollah downs a drone

The Israeli military said its air force on Monday struck targets of the militant Hezbollah group “deep inside Lebanon,” as Lebanese officials said targets were hit near the northeastern city of Baalbek.…

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U.S., Britain launch new wave of strikes against Houthis in Yemen

U.S. and British forces launched a new wave of strikes against Houthi militants in Yemen on Saturday night, U.S. officials said, the latest effort to stop what have become near-daily…

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Palestinian PM resigns as pressure grows over post-war Gaza plans

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh announced his resignation on Monday, as the Palestinian Authority looks to build support for an expanded role following Israel’s war against the Islamist group Hamas…

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Leaked Russian military files reveal criteria for nuclear strike

Vladimir Putin’s forces have rehearsed using tactical nuclear weapons at an early stage of conflict with a major world power, according to leaked Russian military files that include training scenarios…

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Texas wildfires force major nuclear weapons facility to briefly pause operations

A wildland fire in the Texas Panhandle forced the Pantex plant, a nuclear facility northeast of Amarillo, to temporarily cease operations on Tuesday and to evacuate nonessential workers. Plant workers also started construction on a…

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Von der Leyen: Use Russian asset profits to buy ammo for Ukraine

The EU should use profits from over $200 billion of frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine’s war effort, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday.

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U.S. Limits Sales of Americans’ Personal Data to China, Other Adversaries

President Biden limited sales of some categories of sensitive U.S. data to China and other adversarial countries in a bid to stymie the covert flow of rich streams of Americans’ personal…

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Russia bans gasoline exports for 6 months from March 1

Russia on Tuesday ordered a six-month ban on gasoline exports from March 1 to keep prices stable amid rising demand from consumers and farmers and to allow for maintenance of…

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Updated NIST cybersecurity framework adds core function, focuses on supply chain risk management

A decade after releasing its landmark national cybersecurity framework, the National Institute of Standards and Technology on Monday released version 2.0, an updated document that emphasizes governance and supply chain issues…

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Kremlin Warns Against NATO Ground Intervention in Ukraine

A provocative comment by President Emmanuel Macron of France about the possibility of putting troops from NATO countries in Ukraine has prompted a warning from the Kremlin and hurried efforts…