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House bill: Time to put Air Force’s ‘flying car’ concept into action

House lawmakers want the Air Force to start seriously thinking about how to make its electric “flying car” concept a reality.

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The Pentagon’s growing costly headache: Cheap drones

The Pentagon faces a dilemma exemplified by its battles in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden: How to cost-effectively intercept cheap but deadly drones wielded by a growing number…

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US and Japan sign agreement to co-develop hypersonic interceptor

The United States and Japan signed a cooperative agreement Wednesday to co-develop a hypersonic missile defense capability designed to neutralize hypersonic threats in the glide phase of flight, according to…

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Russia Launched Research Spacecraft for Antisatellite Nuclear Weapon Two Years Ago, U.S. Officials Say

Russia launched a satellite into space in February 2022 that is designed to test components for a potential antisatellite weapon that would carry a nuclear device, U.S. officials said. 

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On a D.C. sidewalk, a race to save a Marine general’s life

Gen. Eric M. Smith stepped out on a warm, late-afternoon run last fall, pounding the pavement of Southeast Washington on a routine three-mile loop. As the top U.S. Marine, he…


The US is still falling behind on electronic warfare, special operators warn

The U.S. military is “still falling behind” its potential adversaries in electronic warfare, one former three-star special operator said last week at SOF Week conference in Tampa, Florida—and he wasn’t…

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Why growing China-Russie military ties worry the west

For two years, Chinese backing for Russia’s war in Ukraine has been western governments’ biggest concern about the two countries’ burgeoning relationship. But two weeks ago, US officials raised alarm…

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House Armed Services Committee adds second Virginia submarine in FY25

The House Armed Services Committee will try to partially fund a second Virginia-class submarine in fiscal 2025 to mitigate harm to the industrial base it says will come from the…


How GPS warfare is playing havoc with civilian life

Ships that appear to be sailing through landlocked airports. Dating apps that match Israelis with Lebanese, assuming they are in one place. Tourist flights forced to turn around — mid-air…

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Nuclear brinkmanship in Putin’s war: Upping the ante

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, the threat of nuclear war has loomed over the conflict. Yet with President Vladimir Putin’s latest announcement that Russia would hold exercises…