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Ukraine says it struck SU-57 stealth fighter deep inside Russia

Ukraine on Sunday said its forces hit an ultra-modern Russian warplane stationed on an air base nearly 600 kilometers (370 miles) from the front lines.

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KNDS will set up shop in Ukraine to repair heavy weapons, make ammo

KNDS, the French-German maker of the Leopard tank and the Caesar howitzer, will set up a unit in Ukraine that will work with local firms to set up equipment maintenance, manufacture spare parts…

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‘America’s gatekeeper’ has a message for small defense contractors

There’s a lesser-known Pentagon agency you must get to know if you’re a small business hoping to break into the multi-billion dollar defense contracting arena.

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Russian Economy Forced into China Pivot after Sanctions Bombshell

Moscow’s economic ties with Beijing have tightened even more after Russia’s Central Bank announced the yuan-ruble exchange rate will become a benchmark for other currency pairs.

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House bill funds new tranche of Philippines, Taiwan military aid

House Appropriations Committee Republicans released their fiscal year 2025 State Department spending bill this week, which will be considered by the full committee next Wednesday, with sections demonstrating the continued U.S.…

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U.S. to Offer Landmark Defense Treaty to Saudi Arabia in Effort to Spur Israel Normalization Deal

The Biden administration is close to finalizing a treaty with Saudi Arabia that would commit the U.S. to help defend the Gulf nation as part of a long-shot deal to…

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SOFWERX to help special operations forces tackle contested logistics challenges

A hub focused on solving U.S. Special Operations Command’s toughest problems — is gearing up for a confab to address a major impediment that commandos are expected to face in future…

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House appropriators spending bill report shows key changes across procurement, R&D

House Appropriators’ $833 billion fiscal 2025 defense spending billmakes a range of programmatic changes, with funds tending to favor research and development over procurement.

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How to Lead an Army of Digital Sleuths in the Age of AI

TEN YEARS AGO, Eliot Higgins could eat room service meals at a hotel without fear of being poisoned. He hadn’t yet been declared a foreign agent by Russia; in fact, he wasn’t…

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Newport News yard seeks experienced workforce for nuclear shipbuilding

HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding is taking its recruitment efforts on the road as it looks to bring in more employees to expand its nuclear shipbuilding workforce. The Virginia-based shipyard met its hiring goals in…