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NYT Chinas Expanding Surveillance State

China’s Expanding Surveillance State: Takeaways From a NYT Investigation

China’s ambition to collect a staggering amount of personal data from everyday citizens is more expansive than previously known, a Times investigation has found. Phone-tracking devices are now everywhere. The…

SpaceNews DoDs Buying Habits A Continuing Source Of Frustration

DoD’s Buying Habits a Continuing Source of Frustration

Over the course of just six months, three senior defense officials responsible for technology programs announced they were stepping down, voicing disappointment in a culture they view as an impediment…

Reuters US To Send 450Million In Security Aid To Ukraine In Latest Package

US to Send $450 Million in Security Aid to Ukraine in Latest Package

The United States will provide an additional $450 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including more long-range rocket systems, U.S. officials said on Thursday. Moscow’s forces are advancing in Ukraine’s…

WoTR Whats Wrong With Wanting A Human In The Loop

What’s Wrong with Wanting a ‘Human in the Loop’?

At the recent conference on the ethics of AI-enabled weapons systems at the U.S. Naval Academy, well over half the talks discussed meaningful human control of AI to some extent.…

Nate Morris Ceoimage E1638821402538

EY Announces Nate Morris of Rubicon as an Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 East Central Award Winner

Ernst & Young LLP has announced that BENS member Nate Morris, Chairman and CEO of Rubicon, was named an Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 East Central Award winner. Entrepreneur Of…

ArmyTimes USArmy Reaches For Sky To Solve Communication Needs

US Army Reaches for the Sky to Solve Communication Needs

Those with boots on the ground are looking to the skies for the extended, accelerated and protected communication and data-sharing capabilities needed to meet the challenge of high-tech opponents on…

Axios Law Banning Xinjiang Products Goes Into Effect

Law Banning Xinjiang Products goes into Effect

A law banning the importation of products made in China’s Xinjiang region goes into effect today. Complying with it will be a monumental challenge for many U.S. companies.

FPN Will Bidens Visit To Saudi Arabia Be His Walk To Canossa

Will a Biden Trip to Saudi Arabia Be His “Walk to Canossa”?

In 1076, in a contest of the Holy Roman Empire’s secular power and the Catholic Church’s ecclesiastical power, Pope Gregory VII excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV. The following…

WoTR Let The Commandant Command The Marine Corps

Let the Commandant Lead the Marine Corps

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger is under siege. From former senator, secretary of the Navy, and decorated Marine Corps veteran Jim Webb to living Marine Corps legend Lt. Gen.…

DefenseNews Vital Mineral Markets Not Functioning In Wake Of Ukraine War

Vital Mineral Markets ‘Not Functioning’ in Wake of Ukraine War, says DoD Industrial Policy Chief

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the market for a broad range of critical materials essential to U.S. munitions and other defense industry products, spurring hundreds of millions in Pentagon…