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DIU launches new emerging tech portfolio, solicits industry for quantum sensing capabilities

The Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Unit has created a new portfolio to integrate nascent technology into military operations, and it’s kicking off those efforts with a solicitation to industry for quantum…

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Biden signs into law ban on Russian nuclear reactor fuel imports

President Joe Biden signed into law a ban on Russian enriched uranium on Monday, the White House said, in the latest effort by Washington to disrupt President Vladimir Putin’s invasion…

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More subsea cables bypass China as Sino-U.S. tensions grow

Growing geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and China have begun to affect the flow of global data due to an expected sharp fall in new undersea cables linking China with…

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China’s Navy Is Growing More Powerful By the Day

China’s surface fleet is increasingly footloose—including its aviation component. Backed by an impressive armory of shore-based weapons, the fleet need no longer be closely tethered to defense of home waters and skies.…

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India and ASEAN rise in supply chain priority, global survey shows

Global business leaders are increasingly looking to India and Southeast Asia as alternative supply chain destinations while trade relations between China and the U.S. deteriorate, a poll by PwC published…

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Pentagon issues new guidance to address industry gripes about ATO process

In direct response to recent complaints from industry officials about how the authority to operate (ATO) process is hindering rapid technology and software innovation, Department of Defense leadership issued new…

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What has the AUKUS alliance accomplished in the last year?

Australia won’t take possession of its first nuclear-powered submarine until 2032, but Australia and the United States are already training the officers and sailors who will operate that Virginia-class attack boat…

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How DC became obsessed with a potential 2027 Chinese invasion of Taiwan

It’s rare to find a true before-and-after moment on an issue as complex as Sino-U.S. relations. This, said several experts, was one. “It set off these warning alarms that broke…

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Small Ocean, Big Hype: Arctic Myths and Realities

The Arctic Ocean may be the world’s smallest but it looms large in the imagination. Remote and unique, the Arctic is, for some at least, the most romanticized ocean in the world.…

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Microsoft deploys GPT-4 large language model for Pentagon use in top secret cloud

Microsoft has deployed the GPT-4 large language model in an isolated, air-gapped Azure Government Top Secret cloud for use by the Department of Defense, the company announced Tuesday.