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U.S. Business Sector Average Rating Worst Since 2008

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ average positive rating of 25 U.S. business and industry sectors that drive the nation’s economy has fallen to its lowest point since the Great Recession. The…

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We Need to Own the Heat The Way We Now Own Night,’ Pentagon Climate Leader Says

When future U.S. troops deploy to environments several degrees hotter than today’s hottest places, they’ll need special gear to help them train and operate, the Pentagon’s climate-adaptation chief said Friday.…


Some DoD policies are friendly fire in the war for talent

What system would you design if you intended to make the military profession a separate caste, divided from the civilian population it protects? You’d end up with a system that…

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As danger grows for commercial firms in space, so does call for norms: Aerospace

One critical issue for the commercial space industry identified by the Aerospace study is the potential for their satellites and ground stations to be deliberately targeted. WASHINGTON — In an…

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Technology Controls Can Strangle Russia—Just Like the Soviet Union

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Western countries imposed unprecedented sanctions on the Kremlin. Much has been said about the impact of asset seizures, flight bans, and financial restrictions, but it…

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Former CENTCOM Commanders Say the US Not Safer Following Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — The United States is not safer following the pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, and President Donald Trump’s and President Joe Biden’s determination to withdraw all U.S. forces…


How China Could Choke Taiwan

China is honing its ability to blockade Taiwan, giving Beijing the option of cutting off the self-ruled island in its campaign to take control of it.

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On National Security | SmallSat Alliance steps up push for a military comms ‘outernet’

A legislative proposal in the 2023 defense spending bill calling on DoD to leverage commercial space networks marks a victory of sorts for the SmallSat Alliance. As its name indicates,…

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The climate-space nexus: new approaches for strengthening NATO’s resilience

Climate change presents major challenges that NATO faces today, and will have to confront tomorrow. Space technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping to monitor rapid environmental change and identify related…


Army’s long-delayed HR platform launch in jeopardy — again

It’s the sequel that human resources professionals around the Army never wanted — the service is yet again staring down a possible delayed launch for its new HR and pay…