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U.S. Bets on Small Nuclear Reactors to Help Fix a Huge Climate Problem

Towering over the Savannah River in Georgia, the first nuclear reactors built from scratch in the United States in more than 30 years illustrate the enormous promise of nuclear power…

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Euro leaders blame industry for failure to meet Ukraine ammo promise

Several European nations will fail to meet a commitment to send Ukraine 1 million rounds of ammunition by next spring because manufacturers are prioritizing the export market rather than ramping up production, officials have…

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Barriers To AI And ML: A Roadmap To Federal Adoption

The application of emerging technology necessitates new policy frameworks and guidance. And with new policies constantly on the horizon, there is a race to understand the proper use and implementation…

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McConnell holds off on rolling Tuberville over military nominations — for now 

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) on Tuesday voted against a Democratic resolution to circumvent Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) hold on 370 stalled military promotions — but he left open the possibility he might…

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Energy Department tries to boost US battery industry with another $3.5 billion in funding

The Energy Department is making a push to strengthen the U.S. battery supply chain, announcing up to $3.5 billion for companies that produce batteries and the critical minerals that go…

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Israel and Hamas Appear to Be Near Hostage Deal, Officials Say

Under the proposed agreement, Hamas would release 50 women and children abducted during the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks for roughly the same number of Palestinian women and children held in…

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Navy secretary convenes first cross-department shipbuilders meeting

The Navy secretary on Thursday convened a first-ever meeting of seafaring organizations across multiple federal departments, seeking to improve collaboration to strengthen the shipbuilding and ship repair industries.

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Ukraine Seeks to Reignite Counteroffensive With Daring River Crossings

Ukrainian marines slip across the Dnipro River at night in small groups to reinforce a growing contingent of troops engaged in a daring operation to reinvigorate Kyiv’s military efforts in the occupied…

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Opinion  Former U.S. general: The lessons of Iraq apply to Gaza

As we watch the war in Gaza develop, we must not lose sight of the stark challenges the Israeli military is facing. Modern urban combat is always bloody and grueling, and…

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How America Should React to China’s Economic Slowdown

The need to take a more hawkish approach toward China is one of the only issues that commands bipartisan agreement in Washington. Lately, the growing evidence of a sharp slowdown…