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Joe Biden’s China probe throws lifeline to South Korean and Japanese shipyards

Joe Biden’s attempt to challenge Chinese supremacy in commercial shipbuilding will probably do little to revive US shipyards, analysts say, but it could help producers in South Korea and Japan…

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What a Rising India and a New Japan Could Mean for the Indo-Pacific

On April 10, the summit between U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio set the stage for the evolution of the Japan-U.S. partnership with the announcement of…

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AI-controlled fighter jet takes Air Force secretary on historic ride

With the midday sun blazing, an experimental orange-and-white F-16 fighter jet launched with a familiar roar that is a hallmark of U.S. airpower. But the aerial combat that followed was…

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America is Losing Tomorrow’s War in the Indo-Pacific

In 2011, the Obama administration declared a “strategic pivot” to Asia away from the Middle East. Nearly a decade later, in October 2022, the Biden White House published a National Security…

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Air Force looks to boost electronic warfare with coding, tactics units

Two new Air Force squadrons are joining the service’s growing cadre of software coders focused on rushing new electronic warfare tools to the field, along with tacticians who will advise…

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AI, space, integrated sensing and cyber dominate Pentagon’s S&T funding plans

The Department of Defense is requesting $17.2 billion for science and technology projects in fiscal 2025, and most of it would be dedicated to three capability areas — AI and…

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General Atomics, Anduril Move Ahead In Collaborative Combat Aircraft Drone Program (Updated)

Anduril and General Atomics are one step closer to being chosen to build the first drones under the U.S. Air Force’s Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA) program.

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How US special operators are training Ukrainians—and what they’re learning in return

U.S. Army Col. Lucas VanAntwerp was sitting with Ukrainian special-forces soldiers one night when bad news arrived: troops they knew back in Ukraine had died in a helicopter crash. 

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Soaring US munitions demand strains support for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan

The U.S. has transferred tens of thousands of its bombs and shells to Israel since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack. But it hasn’t given Israel everything it wants.

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How Ukraine broke Russia’s grip in the Black Sea

Maritime trade underpins Ukraine’s economy and the increase in seaborne exports via a newly established Black Sea corridor is giving Kyiv a badly needed financial boost and supporting its war…