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FNN DOD Commissioned Study Finds Shortcomings In Civilian Talent Mgmt

The Stakes are High for DoD’s Future Civilian Workforce

Last week, some of the Defense Department’s top officials harped on the same topic over and over: The Pentagon needs a talented civilian workforce to thrive. “We have the ability…

ForeignPolicyNews US Needs To Reset Its Relationships In Middle East

US Needs to Reset Its Relationships in the Middle East

The Middle East has long been an arena of conflicts and intrigues, driven by tribal feuds, religion, and culture. The region’s abundance of petroleum, and its strategic location at the…

WashPost Inside Pentagons Long Debate Do Gamers Make Good Soldiers

Inside the Pentagon’s Long Debate: Do Gamers Make Good Soldiers?

In May, the U.S. military created a new rivalry. In a seven-hour Twitch stream, soldiers from the Air Force and Army fought on an unlikely battlefield: “Halo Infinite,” a popular…

The state seal of the Russian Federation sits on top of a red and green post marking the Arctic border of the Russian Federation beside the Barents Sea on Alexandra Island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago, Russia, on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Instead of waiting for global shippers to make a port of call, Russia is domesticating the transpolar conduit that could slash up to 12 days of travel time between Europe and Asia when its open four-and-a-half months each year. Photographer: Anna Andrianova/Bloomberg via Getty Images

For US, Climate Change is a Military Problem

The US military has its hands full at the moment with a vicious war in Ukraine and US-China tensions over issues from human rights to sovereignty over the South China…

Time Chinese Naval Base Cambodia Signals New Era Of Competition In AsiaPacific

A Chinese Naval Base in Cambodia Signals a New Era of Competition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In October 2020, satellite photos showed that the Cambodian government had demolished two American-built facilities at the Southeast Asian nation’s Ream Naval Base—despite Washington offering to renovate them. On June…

WSJ Russia Is Weaponizing Food Supplies In Ukraine Europe Says

Russia Is Weaponizing Food Supplies in Ukraine, Europe Says

European Union foreign-policy chief Josep Borrell casts doubt on Russia’s claims that it isn’t hindering grain exports.

NationalInterest How NATO Can Meet The Challenges Of TwentyFirst Century

How NATO Can Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s February attack on Ukraine was a strategic blunder. NATO had already established itself as the most successful and longest-lasting military alliance in modern history. Putin’s invasion…

Clean Energy Event Dreamstime M 12677903

Isn’t it Time to Examine the Real Cost of Energy Production?

If you could go back in time, would you have chosen fossil fuels as the energy source for the 20th century? Wouldn’t you have liked to look at the actual…

CyberScoop Shields Up The New Normal In Cyberspace

‘Shields Up’: the New Normal in Cyberspace

When the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — or CISA — launched the Shields Up campaign early this year, it did so with one goal in mind: to help individuals…

WSJ Biden Admin To Waive Solar Import Tariffs For Two Years

Biden Administration to Waive Solar Import Tariffs for Two Years

President Biden used emergency authority Monday in a bid to resolve a supply logjam that threatened the solar power industry, but the action drew complaints from U.S. manufacturers who say…