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Recently, a BENS delegation visited the ATF New York Field Division for a deep dive into that agency’s mission and capabilities. Highlights include briefings on ATF’s innovative (and highly collaborative) approach to weaponizing intelligence — as well as a visit to the firing range on Long Island for a full morning of shooting. A sincere thanks to SAC John DeVito and team for the hospitality and support.

BENS members recently met with Major General Laura Lenderman, Director of Operations at US Transportation Command, to discuss operating in increasingly contested environments. She emphasized the continued TRANSCOM-BENS partnership as she concluded by saying, “Thank you for helping us solve our hard problems.”

BENS Dallas members welcomed General Joseph Votel, USA (Ret.) President & CEO of BENS. General Votel gave an update on current BENS work and goals and led a conversation on current political and military events at both a luncheon and a dinner.

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This week, Tuskegee University announced that alumnus and BENS Board member Gregory S. Nixon will receive the Inaugural Booker T. Washington Award in Philanthropy. Recipients of this award are recognized for their…

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What no expert saw coming: The rise of Japan

Japanese workers are enjoying wage gains not seen in 30 years; China struggles with ever-rising youth unemployment and deflation.

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