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New York and Washington, DC BENS members recently joined the Customs and Border Patrol New York Field Office and New York Police Department Intelligence Bureau for discussions on their use of technology solutions for data management.

BENS members traveled to Fort Benning, GA to engage with the soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment and visit the US Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence. The visit included an opportunity to experience a portion of jump training at the Airborne 34’ Tower, converse with newly tabbed Rangers, and explore the National Infantry Museum.

On April 28, at the BENS Washington, DC Headquarters, BENS members participated in a wargame simulating a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Created by the Naval War College, CSIS, and MIT, and featured several months ago by the Wall Street Journal, the exercise introduced how BENS can work to expand the inclusion of economic interests in national security wargaming and enhance the role business leaders can play in preparation for future conflicts.

On May 3, our Southeast Region hosted a luncheon discussion with Dr. Fei-Ling Wang, a professor at Georgia Tech and an expert on China. The conversation covered a wide range of topics including China’s “one child” policy. Joining the group were some of our newest BENS members, including Quentin Kasseh, Founder & CEO of Nomad Engineers Consulting Group.

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