Eisenhower Gala 40th Anniversary

28 OCTOBER 2022

Eisenhower Gala The Gala

Honoring this year's Eisenhower Award recipients




Upcoming Award Gala

The next presentation of the Eisenhower Award will be at the 2022 Fall Eisenhower Award Dinner on October 28. This event will be held in conjunction with the BENS 40th Anniversary Forum, "Stronger Together: Courageous Conversations About the Role of Trust in Securing Our Nation."

The Eisenhower Gala will include a Fireside Chat with the 2022 BENS Eisenhower Award Honorees. This will be moderated by David Ignatius Associate Editor & Columnist at The Washington Post.

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Business Executives for National Security is a nationwide network of
elite business leaders who are united in the belief that private-sector
expertise and best practices can help the Department of Defense and
other national security agencies execute their missions to keep
America secure.
Founded in 1982, BENS has a long history of bringing the best talent
in business together with senior national security leaders to apply
best practices and cutting-edge ideas to solve some of the Nations’
most complex and pressing national security challenges. Operating
as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, BENS does its work at no
cost to the government.

Eisenhower Gala The Award

The BENS Eisenhower Award honors the contributions of public
servants and private citizens who safeguard our freedom as well as
the balance, as President Eisenhower said in his prophetic farewell
address over five decades ago, “between the actions of the moment
and the national welfare of the future.” Like the nation’s 34th president,
“we want democracy to survive for all generations to come.”

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