How to Lead an Army of Digital Sleuths in the Age of AI

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TEN YEARS AGO, Eliot Higgins could eat room service meals at a hotel without fear of being poisoned. He hadn’t yet been declared a foreign agent by Russia; in fact, he wasn’t even a blip on the radar of security agencies in that country or anywhere else. He was just a British guy with an unfulfilling admin job who’d been blogging under the pen name Brown Moses—after a Frank Zappa song—and was in the process of turning his blog into a full-fledged website. He was an open source intelligence analyst avant la lettre, poring over social media photos and videos and other online jetsam to investigate wartime atrocities in Libya and Syria.

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Marines, Air Force on track for 2024 recruiting; Navy projected to miss

With three full months left in the fiscal year for military recruiting, the services already are developing a sense of whether they’ll make their target recruiting mission or end up short.

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BENS Member, Michelle Giuda

At the recent “CHIPS for America: Execute for Global Success” Summit, held at the U.S. Senate, BENS Member Michelle Giuda, CEO of the Krach Institute for Tech Diplomacy at Purdue,…

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Event Recap-July 15, 2024

Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward, author of China’s Vision of Victory and The Decisive Decade, recently joined BENS Chairman Mark Gerencser for an engaging fireside chat focused on how to revitalize US and allied economic…

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