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Senate Dems Break Biden Nominee Deadlock

September 30, 2021

Former Obama administration Air Force Secretary Deborah James has been named chairperson of the Defense Business Board, one of the top outside advisory boards to the Pentagon. Other high-profile appointees…

Deborah Lee James Takes Oath as Defense Business Board Chair

September 20, 2021

Deborah Lee James, former secretary of the U.S. Air Force and a previous Wash100 Award winner, took her oath of office as the new chair of the Defense Business Board…

Between Then and Now, They Did Not Die in Vain

September 9, 2021

Army Capt. Dan Whitten was a young West Point officer serving in Afghanistan when I met him for the first time. One of his friends noted that he was outgoing…

US military personnel guard evacuees in Kabul, Afghanistan

Evacuating is the Most Demanding Mission of 20 Years in Afghanistan

August 27, 2021

The images of the last two weeks have been riveting to many Americans, but especially to the nearly 800,000 U.S. veterans and service members who served in Afghanistan. No one…

Amanpour and Company: Gen. Joseph Votel (Ret.) on Afghanistan Withdrawal

August 20, 2021

To understand how the U.S. withdrawal could have been handled differently, and what needs to happen most urgently to improve the situation on the ground, Bianna speaks with retired General…

From 300,000 to a Few Hundred: What Happened to Afghanistan’s Army

August 18, 2021

President Joe Biden told the American people on July 8 that the U.S. and its partners in Afghanistan had “trained and equipped nearly 300,000 current serving members of the military”…

Many Facets Contributed to the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

August 16, 2021

NPR’s A Martínez talks with former U.S. CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel about the military failures that led to the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s blitz offensive…

View of an urban section of a city in Afghanistan

The Painful Lessons of Afghanistan

August 15, 2021

The Cipher Brief: Did you ever envision that the U.S. would pull out so quickly or completely leaving the Afghan military on its own without U.S. air support?   General Votel:…

Taliban Sweep in Afghanistan Follows Years of US Miscalculations

August 14, 2021

President Biden’s top advisers concede they were stunned by the rapid collapse of the Afghan army in the face of an aggressive, well-planned offensive by the Taliban that now threatens…