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Army First-Quarter Suicides Highest Since 2013

July 9, 2023

The number of soldier suicides in the first quarter of 2023 was the highest since the Pentagon began keeping track of the data a decade ago, despite a decrease in force size…

DoD Looks to Block Chinese and Russian Influence on US Academia

July 9, 2023

The Pentagon just released a black list of mostly Chinese and Russian research institutes that it says have engaged in “problematic activity,” including trying to infiltrate sensitiveDefense Department research at…

Navy Prep Course Aims to Launch Hundreds of Recruits into the Fleet

July 9, 2023

A new Navy preparatory course focused on fitness and nutrition seeks to push hundreds of new recruits into the fleet this year — even as the military branches struggle with attracting new…

US Military Calls for Better Weapons to Fight Artificial Intelligence

July 9, 2023

WASHINGTON — After years of catching grief for exquisite weapons acquisition programs with creeping requirements leading to lengthy delays and budget overruns, the Pentagon now finds itself with a different…

Investors Bought Nearly $1 Billion in Land Near a California Air Force Base. Officials Want to Know Who Exactly They Are

July 9, 2023

WASHINGTON—Government officials are investigating large land acquisitions near a major air force base northeast of San Francisco, concerned that foreign interests could be behind the investment group that purchased the…

Episode 20: Adam Leslie

July 5, 2023

Tune in to Episode 20 as General Votel talks with BENS member Adam Leslie about being a UH-1 helicopter gunship pilot and intel officer in the Australian Army, and his…

BENS member, Sherif Wahby

July 2, 2023

BENS member, Sherif Wahby, Co-Founder of Bellator Recruiting Academy hosted General Joe Votel at the ELKO Speedway. Bellator is a Non-Profit whose mission is to transform the lives of veterans…

Event Recaps – July 02, 2023

July 2, 2023

General Votel and BENS WDC members participated in an important discussion with Ms. Jamie Kraut, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Middle East and Asia in the Office of Terrorist…

Chinese Navy Stops in Manila as Part of South China Sea Goodwill Tour

July 2, 2023