Resilience Council

Focused on strengthening U.S. strategic readiness and preparedness, the BENS Resilience Council incubates and leads the organization’s efforts related to critical infrastructure, resource availability, and domestic security and public safety. The Council is comprised of executives with experience and expertise in risk management, manufacturing, and logistics, among others.

Related Work


Semiconductor Supply Chains: Information Series

Semiconductors are critical components for most advanced technologies – to include smartphones, automobiles, defense systems, and 5G networks – with the current global shortage for these key parts not only straining U.S. industries, but adding risk to the U.S. economy and security.

Emergency vehicles

BENS Issue Paper: Private Partnerships, Public Safety

A brief about how a more networked approach to public safety and improve our ability to navigate a complex threat environment.

earthmoving equipment extracts minerals

Critical Minerals: Information Series

The United States is dependent on imports for minerals critical to the nation’s economy and security. To raise awareness of the vulnerabilities of U.S. mineral supply chains and to stimulate action for bolstering reliable access to these essential resources, BENS created the following information series.

action scene with military personnel

Domestic Security: Confronting a Changing Threat to Ensure Public Safety and Civil Liberties

The terrorist threat to the United States has not abated. Instead, it is fundamentally different than it was on September 11, 2001: greater numbers; more sophisticated communications strategies, including through the use of technology; decentralized leadership and geographic dispersal; homegrown radicalization; and returning foreign fighters.

Troops with night vision gear

Domestic Security Revisited: Progress on Confronting a Dynamic Threat Landscape

An Update on the Progress U.S. Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies have Made in Confronting a Dynamic Domestic Threat Landscape