How We Work

BENS is actively working to share our members’ expertise with organizations across the national security enterprise – both partners of long-standing and potential new partnerships. These efforts have created several unique opportunities and an exciting expansion of the traditional definition of being a BENS partner.

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Information Exchange and Collaboration

BENS hosts more than 125 conversations with national security leaders each year. Participation is solely for members and their guests. These interactions offer government leaders an opportunity to discuss their plans and priorities and solicit private-sector insights and advice from BENS members on challenges with which they are grappling.

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BENS leads numerous visits to military installations and sites of security importance annually, both in the United States and internationally. This travel enables first-hand observation of national security community operations and personal engagement with service members in action.

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Work With Partners

Military, intelligence, homeland security, and other government organizations regularly request BENS’ help with specific challenges within their operational areas. These are the same kinds of challenges our members handle in their businesses every day -- risk assessment, technology acquisition and adoption, enterprise transformation, workforce recruitment, and training, for example. Members can join in BENS’ project work to share ideas and best practices to help partners develop workable solutions.

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Thought Leadership

Members engage at the strategic level in work on emerging security challenges. This work takes place in four BENS Councils

  • Resilience
  • Energy
  • Competitiveness
  • Technology & Innovation

As well as through strategic-level efforts such as the BENS Commission on the National Response Enterprise and Tail-to-Tooth programs.