Andrew Hirsh Conv

Andrew B. Hersh

Co-Founder, Sigma7

Andrew helps organizations to understand, contextualize and better manage risk.

His company Sigma7 is the world’s leading and fastest growing all-domain risk services platform, operating from 12 countries across 5 continents and serving clients in over 150 countries globally.

Yesterday’s subjective, static and siloed risk management capability has proven ineffective in addressing the unprecedented threats to an organization’s strategy, investments, operations and people. Companies are demanding and Sigma7 is delivering complete risk outcomes, informed in real-time by the highest fidelity information available.

Prior to founding Sigma7, Andrew built a successful insurance brokerage and services business focused on national critical infrastructure businesses spanning the globe. His risk management work has included financial institutions, transit systems, defense, energy and life sciences clients – and often their founders and leadership teams. In nearly 30 years of service, Andrew is best known for solving the toughest issues that need solving, and creating businesses and capabilities that evolve what was formerly possible.

Andrew is passionate about serving and making an impact at the local, national and global levels. He gains deep gratification through his service work at Business Executives for National Security and elsewhere. He has served as a Senior Fellow at George Washington’s Center for Cyber & Homeland Security, at Auburn’s McCrary Institute for Cyber & Critical Infrastructure Security, and as a Member of the Infrastructure Advisory Committee to the NJ Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness.