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Members participated this week in a wargame created by the Naval War College, CSIS, and MIT, simulating a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Featured several months ago by the Wall Street Journal, this exercise was an early foray into how BENS might work to expand the inclusion of economic interests in national security wargaming and enhance the role of business leaders in developing our nation’s capability to prepare for future conflicts. For more information, contact Jamie Hood on the BENS Programs Team.

This week BENS Members Hernan AlbamonteJoe DeMarco, and Dr. Kathleen Kiernan joined leadership from HSI and INTERPOL Washington for a panel discussion about the role of public and private sector cooperation in federal law enforcement. The event was organized by the US State department and was attended by police and justice officials from more than 50 different countries.

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Event Recap – 4 March, 2024

On Wednesday, February 28th, BENS Board Member and Co-Founder of Principal to Principal, Kristi Rogers, convened a half-day roundtable at BENS’ headquarters. The session focused on the increasing demand for critical minerals…

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Israel’s air force strikes deep inside Lebanon, killing 2 people, after Hezbollah downs a drone

The Israeli military said its air force on Monday struck targets of the militant Hezbollah group “deep inside Lebanon,” as Lebanese officials said targets were hit near the northeastern city of Baalbek.…

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U.S., Britain launch new wave of strikes against Houthis in Yemen

U.S. and British forces launched a new wave of strikes against Houthi militants in Yemen on Saturday night, U.S. officials said, the latest effort to stop what have become near-daily…

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