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Cybersecurity Standards of Care 101: Prioritizing Risk Management

Cybersecurity risks threaten all organizations and corresponding stakeholders; they are increasingly frequent and sophisticated, posing a threat not only to our economy but also to our national security. In response,…

Fall 2018 Leadership Report

BENS’ annual report sharing highlights of our projects, events and programs throughout the year.

Key Insights for Transforming Organizations: A Study on Transitioning to Data Driven Decision-Making

Leaders can improve operations and mission response if/as they consistently receive timely and reliable operational data that allows them to estimate, forecast, plan, and otherwise make highly informed decisions. Operational…

Spring 2018 Leadership Report

BENS annual report featuring highlights from our events, projects, and programs throughout the year.

Cybersecurity Education in MBA Programs

Cyberspace, with its promise of innovation, prosperity, and connectivity, also presents a series of risks to our national security that must be managed cooperatively by our public and private sectors.…

Beyond Flash Points: Creating Sustainable Public-Private Partnerships in Chicago

The United States today is confronted by an increasingly complex domestic security environment which is characterized by physical and virtual threats to public safety. Many of these threats are targeting…

Corporate Reorganization: Keys for Success

Introduction: The Department of Defense (DoD) is about to undergo one of its more significant reorganizations since the Goldwater-Nichols Act transformed the Department’s chain of command three decades ago. The…

2016 Leadership Report

Annual report sharing highlights from BENS’ events, projects, and programs throughout the year.

BENS Issue Paper: Private Partnership, Public Safety

A brief about how a more networked approach to public safety and improve our ability to navigate a complex threat environment.

Top Security Organization Calls for a Fresh Approach to Combating Domestic Terrorism

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOctober 20, 2016 CONTACT:James WASHINGTON – Business Executives for National Security (BENS) have released Private Partnerships, Public Safety, a report examining the current domestic security environment and…