Sen. Shaheen Touts Portsmouth Shipyard Talent as 3 Nations Ink Historic Submarine Deal

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KITTERY, Maine — In March, President Joe Biden and leaders from Australia and the United Kingdom touted a deal that could see Australia purchase three to five U.S. Virginia-class, nuclear-powered submarines and develop a future Australian and United Kingdom submarine model using U.S. technology

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Event Recap – April 15, 2024

On Tuesday, April 9th members Jermon Bafaty and Justin Freeh from BENS joined the Strategic Leaders International Course (SLIC), a 4-week program by USSOCOM for emerging leaders from allied nations. Alongside discussions on U.S. leadership…

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BENS Board Member, Denis Bovin

BENS Board member Denis Bovin has joined SHIELD’s National Security Advisory Board as a Senior Advisor. SHIELD is run by Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Raj Shah, a California Member.

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BENS President & CEO, General Ray

BENS President & CEO, General Ray will be a keynote speaker for the 9th Annual Hemispheric Security Conference, The Hemispheric Security Conference (HSC) is an annual conference held where experts from academia, governmental…

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