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WoTR Whats Wrong With Wanting A Human In The Loop

What’s Wrong with Wanting a ‘Human in the Loop’?

At the recent conference on the ethics of AI-enabled weapons systems at the U.S. Naval Academy, well over half the talks discussed meaningful human control of AI to some extent.…

DefenseNews AirForce Using AI Improve Weather Models For Military Planning

Air Force Using AI to Improve Weather Models for Military Planning

The Department of the Air Force is using artificial intelligence to augment weather predictions and better understand environmental conditions in places where the U.S. military may be headed. Deputy Chief…

DefenseNews Time Now To Reconsider Autonomous Weapons Rules Horowitz Says

Time is Now to Reconsider Autonomous Weapons Rules, Horowitz Says

Nearly a decade after it was signed, a directive that laid out the ground rules for U.S. autonomous weapons is due for a refresh, according to the leader of the…

Politico Forecasting Model CIA Predicts Surprising Turn US China

A Forecasting Model Used by the CIA Predicts a Surprising Turn in US-China Relations

Here’s some good news on the gloomy international scene: Tensions will ease significantly between the U.S. and China soon, as the Biden administration slashes consumer tariffs and Beijing welcomes the…

WoTR How AI Would Would Not Factor In A US China War

How AI Would—and Wouldn’t—Factor into a US-Chinese War

In March, a largely overlooked, 90-page Government Accountability Office study revealed something interesting: This summer, the Pentagon is getting a new AI Strategy. Between shaping ethical norms for AI and…