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Xi Tries to Ride a Real-Estate Tiger, and We All May Get Mauled

As Covid lockdowns and buyers’ revolts roil China’s real-estate market, Xi Jinping is attempting to ride a tiger—to maintain power while clinging to the foolhardy policies that put him in this position.…

WSJ Heads Of FBI MI5 Issue Joint Warning On Chinese Spying

Heads of FBI, MI5 Issue Joint Warning on Chinese Spying

The heads of the FBI and Britain’s domestic security service issued sharply worded warnings to business leaders about the threats posed by Chinese espionage, especially spying aimed at stealing Western…

WSJ We Want To Rebuild US Relations With China

We Want to Rebuild U.S. Relations With China

The deteriorating state of affairs between the U.S. and China has destabilized the most important bilateral relationship in the world. Many Chinese companies do business in the U.S., as do…

FP China Is Sweeping Up Pacific Island Allies

China is Sweeping Up Pacific Island Allies —Here’s how Washington can Fight Back

When China, a country of 1.4 billion people, threatened Palau, a Pacific island nation with a population of just 18,000, to switch its diplomatic ties from Taiwan to Beijing or…

NYT Chinas Expanding Surveillance State

China’s Expanding Surveillance State: Takeaways From a NYT Investigation

China’s ambition to collect a staggering amount of personal data from everyday citizens is more expansive than previously known, a Times investigation has found. Phone-tracking devices are now everywhere. The…

Axios Law Banning Xinjiang Products Goes Into Effect

Law Banning Xinjiang Products goes into Effect

A law banning the importation of products made in China’s Xinjiang region goes into effect today. Complying with it will be a monumental challenge for many U.S. companies.

WSJ Lawmakers Make Bipartisan Push New Govt Powers Block Investments In China

Lawmakers Make Bipartisan Push for New Government Powers to Block US Investments in China

Congress is pressing ahead with legislation that could rewrite the rules for American companies investing abroad, proposing the screening of investments in countries like China seen as adversaries to protect…

FP Chinas Crisis Of Confidence

China’s Crisis of Confidence

What if the new era of great-power competition was over before it had even begun? Many of today’s fears about a multigeneration conflict with Beijing rest on linear extrapolations of…

Time Chinese Naval Base Cambodia Signals New Era Of Competition In AsiaPacific

A Chinese Naval Base in Cambodia Signals a New Era of Competition in the Asia-Pacific Region

In October 2020, satellite photos showed that the Cambodian government had demolished two American-built facilities at the Southeast Asian nation’s Ream Naval Base—despite Washington offering to renovate them. On June…

Antony Blinken

The Administration’s Approach to the People’s Republic of China

Speech by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Washington, DC, May 26, 2022 Thank you.  Good morning. It’s a real pleasure to be here at The George Washington University.  This is…