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MSNBC Meet The Press Votel Ukraine Large Screenshot3 1000w

Kyiv Missile Attack Meant to ‘Sow Confusion’ and ‘Cause Fear’

BENS President and CEO, General Joseph Votel, USA (Ret.) was interviewed on MSNBC’s Meet The Press to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict. General Votel shares perspectives on Ukraine’s most pressing military…

Politico Washingtons New Crush On Quantum Computing

Washington’s New Crush on Quantum Computing

For years, quantum computing has been the elusive next big thing in technology—a crucial new international scientific battleground; a potential technological jackpot for whoever gets there first. Right now, real-world…

WoTR DOD Budget Reform Cannot Succeed Without Congress

Budget Reform Can’t Succeed Without Congress

The Department of Defense’s Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution program has been variously called “a relic of the past,” a “root cause of … bloat” and “the primary factor behind the decline in…

Interpretation of the world wide  problems in the financial world

We Can’t Keep this Crucial Foreign Investment Panel in the Dark

By: General Norton A. Schwartz, USAF (ret.) & Ivan A. Schlager In 1988, Congress codified the creation of CFIUS, the little-known Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. CFIUS,…

Jets And Aircraft Carrier

Getting Ahead of the Enemy’s Next Move

Not Just Hardware: Equipping Tomorrow’s Military Requires New Process Not Just New Technology Lasers, drones, and artificial intelligence. The future is bright for brilliant minds working together to engineer the…