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DefenseNews Vital Mineral Markets Not Functioning In Wake Of Ukraine War

Vital Mineral Markets ‘Not Functioning’ in Wake of Ukraine War, says DoD Industrial Policy Chief

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the market for a broad range of critical materials essential to U.S. munitions and other defense industry products, spurring hundreds of millions in Pentagon…

DefenseNews Congress Pentagon Seek ShoreUp Strategic Mineral Stockpile

Congress and Pentagon Seek to Shore Up Strategic Mineral Stockpile Dominated by China

Congress has repeatedly authorized multimillion-dollar sell-offs of the U.S. strategic minerals stockpile over the past several decades, but Washington’s increased anxiety over Chinese domination of resources critical to the defense…

VanityFair Forget Gas Prices Billionaire Clubs Run On Cobalt

Forget Gas Prices. The Billionaire Club’s Run on Cobalt Says Everything About Our Battery-Powered Future

As the bankers from J.P. Morgan’s London offices stepped off the two-hour private flight from Johannesburg onto the hot runway, soldiers sporting sunglasses and semiautomatics watched them closely. The Democratic…

InvestorsBizDaily Why Lithium Battery Shortage May Wreck Great EV Race

Why a Lithium Battery Shortage May Wreck the Great EV Race

Automakers like General Motors and Ford have wowed Wall Street with flashy EV designs, technical prowess and plans to invest tens of billions of dollars. Yet they’ve literally put the cart before…

An aerial view showing a specialised barge sitting on a salt lake retention pond while pumping residuals on the bottom of the pond to nearby storage facilities in Golmud, China on 23 July, 2018. Operated by the Qinghai Salt Lake Group, the salt lake is an abundant source of minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Litiuhm.  Photographer: Qilai Shen

The Battery Metal Really Worrying China is Lithium, Not Nickel

Nickel has captured much of the limelight among battery metals in recent weeks, and understandably so. Wild price swings, including an unprecedented 250% advance over two trading sessions amid a short…

WashPost Biden To Use DPA Critical Minerals Supply

Biden to Use Defense Production Act for Critical Mineral Supply

The White House might invoke the Defense Production Act as soon as this week to spur greater domestic output of raw materials for clean energy technology products and reduce U.S.…