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CNN Biden Admin Pushes To Close Growing Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

Biden Administration Pushes to Close the Growing Cybersecurity Workforce Gap

The Biden administration is pushing to fill hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity jobs in the United States as part of a bid to close a talent shortage US officials describe…

WSJ Heads Of FBI MI5 Issue Joint Warning On Chinese Spying

Heads of FBI, MI5 Issue Joint Warning on Chinese Spying

The heads of the FBI and Britain’s domestic security service issued sharply worded warnings to business leaders about the threats posed by Chinese espionage, especially spying aimed at stealing Western…

CyberScoop Cyber Command Urges Private Sector To Share Intelligence

Cyber Command Urges Private Sector to Share Intelligence, Aid Defensive Digital Operations

U.S. Cyber Command wants more tech companies and others on the front lines of the global fight to secure the internet to share more cybersecurity intelligence so that the organization…

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Business Executives for National Security Signs Joint Statement Calling for Private Sector Collaboration to Improve Security of Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

To advance effective engagement on cybersecurity-related issues, Business Executives for National Security (BENS) has signed a joint statement released June 7 at the RSA Conference calling for increased private and public sector collaboration to protect critical infrastructure.

CyberScoop Shields Up The New Normal In Cyberspace

‘Shields Up’: the New Normal in Cyberspace

When the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — or CISA — launched the Shields Up campaign early this year, it did so with one goal in mind: to help individuals…

Stratfor When A Country Is Held Hostage Costa Rica Ransomware Attack

When a Country Is Held Hostage: What to Make of Costa Rica’s Ransomware Attack

While the Ukraine conflict continues to flare on the ground, another one has been taking place in cyberspace — not in Ukraine (though cyberwar is most definitely occurring there, too),…

TheRecord US Agencies Announce Initiatives To Crack Down On Ransomware

US Agencies Announce Initiatives to Crack Down on Ransomware

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Friday said it plans to convene a Joint Ransomware Task Force, while the Department of Justice announced it is launching two international initiatives…

C4ISRNET Pentagon Finds Hundreds Of Cyber Vulnerabilities Among Contractors

Pentagon Finds Hundreds of Cyber Vulnerabilities Among Contractors

A U.S. Defense Department pilot program designed to root out digital vulnerabilities among contractors identified hundreds of flaws over the course of one year, organizers said. Cybersecurity researchers with bug…

MS UkraineSpecialReport Russia Cyberattacks 700h

Special Report: An Overview of Russia’s Cyberattack Activity in Ukraine

A new report by Microsoft details the cyber activity the company has observed as part of the war in Ukraine, and the work the company has done in collaboration with…

Cyber MBA Project June2017 Cover 800w

Cybersecurity Education in MBA Programs

Cyberspace, with its promise of innovation, prosperity, and connectivity, also presents a series of risks to our national security that must be managed cooperatively by our public and private sectors.…