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Stratfor NATO Approves New Strategic Concept

NATO Approves a New Strategic Concept

Since the last Strategic Concept, NATO’s conception of the threats it faces has shifted substantially, due in large part to Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. As such, the new…

Stratfor Placing NATOs Strategic Concept In Context

Placing NATO’s New Strategic Concept in Context

NATO’s first update to its Strategic Concept in 12 years underscores the foundational shifts in the Western security alliance’s priorities and threat perceptions as the Russia-Ukraine war rages on, China…

Panel discussion on the Future of NATO

International Relations Experts Discuss the NATO Alliance at Event Co-Hosted by the Pritzker Military Museum & Library, Business Executives for National Security

General Philip Breedlove, USAF (ret.) and Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison discussed the future and relevance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Wednesday night during a special event hosted at the Pritzker Military Museum & Library (PMML), in Chicago.

NationalInterest How NATO Can Meet The Challenges Of TwentyFirst Century

How NATO Can Meet the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century

Russian president Vladimir Putin’s February attack on Ukraine was a strategic blunder. NATO had already established itself as the most successful and longest-lasting military alliance in modern history. Putin’s invasion…

NATO logo and flags

In the Wake of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Is the Alliance Still Relevant?

Join us in-person in Chicago or virtually for a fireside chat on the new age of NATO with special guests, General Phillip Breedlove, the 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)…

WSJ Finland Holds War Drill Alongside US Soldiers Ahead Of NATO Application

Finland Holds War Drill Alongside U.S. Soldiers Ahead of NATO Application

Armored vehicles kicked up tails of dirt as fatigue-clad soldiers, their faces freshly daubed in camouflage paint, crouched in the pine forest here Wednesday, part of a sweeping military drill…

BreakingDefense NATO Considers Buying Commercial Imagery

NATO Considers Buying Commercial Imagery, Irking US Spy Sat Agencies

NATO is mulling a new, and somewhat surprising, effort to directly buy imagery from commercial providers in a move that industry sources say appears to have irked the US spy…

WSJ NATO Cyber Game Tests Defenses Amid War In Ukraine

NATO Cyber Game Tests Defenses Amid War in Ukraine

NATO’s large, multiday cyber defense exercise is set to bring together technical experts from alliance countries and Ukraine nearly two months after Russia’s invasion. The annual cyber wargames, known as…

NationalInterest Ukraine Forever Changed Europes Balance Of Power

Ukraine Has Forever Changed Europe’s Balance of Power

Ukraine is paying the price for its defiance of Moscow. Encouraged by the West since the 2008 Orange Revolution, Kyiv pursued engagement with the European Union and NATO. For more than a decade,…

American and Ukrainian flags fly against the blue sky and part of the building. Patriotism.

The invasion of Ukraine unites a divided America

By the standards of today’s polarized politics, the unity members of Congress displayed on Ukraine at President Biden’s State of the Union address was extraordinary. The hall was dotted with…