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General Joseph Votel on the State Secrets Podcast

In this episode Suzanne welcomes General Joseph L. Votel U.S. Army (Ret.) to the State Secrets podcast. Votel is now the President & CEO of the Business Executives for National…

Morning Edition

Many Facets Contributed to the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

NPR’s A Martínez talks with former U.S. CENTCOM Commander Gen. Joseph Votel about the military failures that led to the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. The Taliban’s blitz offensive…

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Plans, Like for Disaster Response, are Great Only if You Can Carry Them Out

Winning coaches has a game plan, then work like the devil to make sure players can execute that plan. The federal government has a plan for disaster response but sort…

WarRoomPodcast National Emergency Response The BENS Report

The War Room Podcast: BENS Report on National Emergency Response

Emergency response in the United States typically relies on one saving tenet of operations — a safe haven to prepare and stage and launch from. Natural disasters tend to be…

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How Can the US Prepare Better When Things Go Wrong?

Events over the last couple of decades have shown that the federal government isn’t all that great at responding to crises. No one connected the dots leading to 9/11. Hurricane…

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General Joseph Votel on US Military Challenges in the Middle East

MEI Distinguished Senior Fellow Joseph Votel, a retired four-star general in the Army and former commander of U.S. Central Command, joins host Alistair Taylor to discuss the challenges facing American…