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ArmyTimes Citing Recruiting Woes Army Shed 28k Troops Next Year

Citing Recruiting Woes, Army Will Shed up to 28,000 Troops in Next Year

In a stunning admission to a House Armed Services Committee panel Tuesday, the Army’s number two officer acknowledged that the service will likely be understrength by at least 7,000 soldiers…

WoTR Meeting The Goal For Air Force Recruiting

Meeting the Goal: Three Recommendations for Air Force Recruiting

Every year most U.S. military services struggle to reach their annual recruitment goals, but 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most challenging since the establishment of the…

DefenseOne After Criticism Army Reinstates High School Diploma Requirement

After Criticism, Army Reinstates High School
Diploma Requirement as Recruitment Plummets

Army recruits need to have a high school diploma after all. Some of them, at least.  After briefly signaling they would waive the minimum education requirement for “a limited number”…