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BreakingDefense SpaceX Beating Russian Jamming Attack Was Eyewattering

SpaceX Beating Russian Jamming Attack was ‘Eyewatering’: DoD Official

The US military’s electronic warfare enterprise needs to take a page from SpaceX when it comes to responding to new threats, the Pentagon’s director for electromagnetic warfare said today. After…

WasPost US Calls For End To Destructive Satellite Tests In Space

US Calls for an End to Destructive Satellite Tests in Space

The United States will no longer conduct destructive tests of satellites, Vice President Harris announced Monday, and called on other nations to agree to a set of rules governing responsible…

DefenseNews Lockheed Releases Open Source Standard On Orbit Spacecraft

Lockheed Releases Open-source Standard for On-orbit Spacecraft Docking Interface

Lockheed Martin is releasing a non-proprietary, open-source interface standard it says could enable future on-orbit satellite mission extension and augmentation. The company announced the release of the Mission Augmentation Port…

WashPost Isaacman Commissioned 3 More Spaceflights SpaceX

Member Update: Jared Isaacman Commissions More Flights from SpaceX

BENS member Jared Isaacman—who led the 2021 Inspiration4 crew as the first all-private astronaut mission to orbit—has announced a privately funded space exploration program with SpaceX that aims to push…