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Special Military Cell Flows Weapons and Equipment Into Ukraine

A little-known group at U.S. European Command in Germany fills Ukraine’s battlefield requests with donations from more than 40 countries.

Military Power2

How Inequality Hobbles Military Power

Russia’s botched invasion of Ukraine, along with unexpectedly dogged Ukrainian resistance, has sparked a debate about whether the current ways of measuring military capabilities are flawed. Indeed, U.S. intelligence analysts…

WSJ What It Will Take To Supply Ukraine For The Long Hall

What It Will Take to Supply Ukraine for the Long Haul

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, onlookers imagined a quick rout for Kyiv; then, when Ukraine held out, a humiliating and precipitous defeat for Russia. More than 120 days later,…

ArmyTimes USArmy Reaches For Sky To Solve Communication Needs

Ukraine Building ‘Army of Drones’ Through Donations to Monitor Front Line

Ukraine is building an “Army of Drones” to monitor the front lines of its ongoing war against Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s global donation initiative United24 announced the “Army of…

WSJ Lessons Russias War Ukraine Cant Hide Weapons Stockpiles Essential

Lessons of Russia’s War in Ukraine: You Can’t Hide and Weapons Stockpiles Are Essential

Western governments are bracing for a protracted conflict with Russia over Ukraine, and military leaders are racing to distill lessons from the opening months of Europe’s largest land war in…

Reuters US To Send 450Million In Security Aid To Ukraine In Latest Package

US to Send $450 Million in Security Aid to Ukraine in Latest Package

The United States will provide an additional $450 million in security assistance to Ukraine, including more long-range rocket systems, U.S. officials said on Thursday. Moscow’s forces are advancing in Ukraine’s…

WoTR In Denial About Denial Why Ukraines Air Success Should Worry West

In Denial About Denial: Why Ukraine’s Air Success Should Worry the West

Ukraine’s success in contesting the skies turns the West’s airpower paradigm on its head — it offers an alternative vision for pursuing airspace denial over air superiority. Despite having one…

WSJ Russia Is Weaponizing Food Supplies In Ukraine Europe Says

Russia Is Weaponizing Food Supplies in Ukraine, Europe Says

European Union foreign-policy chief Josep Borrell casts doubt on Russia’s claims that it isn’t hindering grain exports.

WoTR Not Built For Purpose Russian Mil Force Design

Not Built for Purpose: The Russian Military’s Ill-Fated Force Design

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was a deeply flawed military operation, from Moscow’s assumptions about an easy victory, to a lack of preparation, poor planning, and force employment. Less attention has…

WashPost US Defends Supplying Advanced Rocket Systems To Ukraine

US Defends Supplying Advanced Rocket Systems to Ukraine

The Biden administration on Wednesday defended its decision to send advanced multiple-launch rocket systems to Ukraine, rejecting criticism that the decision comes too late to make a difference while brushing…