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The Atlantic posted an article three years ago by Kathy Gilsinan about some war games the Rand Corporation ran between the US and China. A war game is a bunch of people sitting around a table, playing roles and making possible moves. Gilsinan reported that in Rand’s war games, China could repel U.S. forces attacking by air or by sea. In other words, China could help itself to whatever territory it wanted—taking, say, Taiwan,  or other contested territories.

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Event Recap – May 13, 2024

On May 2nd General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr. USMC (Ret.), former CENTCOM Commander joined BENS Boston members for a discussion on the Middle East. General McKenzie gave an in-depth overview of where the…

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BENS Member,  Ben Cheatham

On April 11th, BENS member Ben Cheatham, VP Microsoft, participated on a panel at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy on April 11th. The panel was titled: The Role of AI in National Security…

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Six BENS members

Six BENS members were selected and participated in the National Security Forum (NSF) at the Air War College. The National Security Forum specifically aims to foster a deeper understanding among civilian community…

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